The Shri Chitragupta Adi Mandir Management Committee, under able leadership of its President — leading businessman and social worker Honourable Chairman Sir’s Ravindra Kishore Sinha —, has drawn up an elaborate plan to develop the temple complex as a modern structure built upon its historic moorings. The idea is to develop the shrine and the area surrounding it as a socio-religious centre that can figure on the international tourist landscape and serve the needs of the local community, simultaneously. One of the projects announced by Mr. Sinha include the creation of an animated audio visual walk-through showcasing the of culture and history of Bihar, beginning from the Nanda dynasty and culminating with the modern-day, 1970s leadership of Lok Nayak Jayaprakash Narayan.

Along with the ancient kingdoms, the song-and-light show encompass historical events like the visit of Chinese traveller Huein Tsang, era of the ancient Nalanda University, Vaishali as the cradle of democracy, the

Patna Kalam style of painting, the Mughal and British rules, the works of Vidyapati, the timers of Manadan Mishra and Bharati who defeated Adi Shankaracharya in Shastrartha, famed dancing of Amrapali and Bihar’s place in the Indian freedom movement. Another one is to establish the “Raja Todarmal Institute of Revenue and treasury Management”. A third major project is to develop the Ganga river bank near the temple on the pattern of “Har ki Pauri”, in Haridwar. The cost of the projects has been tentatively estimated at British Pound 10 million (about Rs 80 crore) but an upward revision may be required.

A cause to serve

The Shri Chitragupta Adi Mandir resurrection plan offers all Indians, particularly those who constitute the diaspora, an opportunity to delve into their history and socio-religious moorings. A monetary contribution from you will help create out of an ancient setting an international cultural destination par excellence, in the heart of what was once the vibrant city of Pataliputra. Give it a thought: it may just be your article of faith!